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Energise Cameroon

In Cameroon, 35% of the population has no electricity. Those who do experience weekly power cuts. As for solar energy, it represents less than 1% of production, despite very favorable sunshine conditions.

The Cameroonian diaspora in Europe supports the family and invests in businesses and the community. It is now possible to do so directly through Urban Product and its technical partner Solarly. “Energise Cameroon” offers tailor-made solar solutions for all uses (private, business, community) and provides a secure framework for making these investments (free quotation, possibility of billing in € to a Belgian account, installation within 15 days of deposit, guarantees and after-sales service).

12V- solution from €830 (150 Wp + Battery)

220V- solution from €2 340 (600 Wp+battery)

Fair Energy

Because it’s simply “Fair” to have reliable access to green energy to create social and economic impact.

Today, electricity is an important factor in comfort and well-being. It is also a lever for generating income. Yet access to electricity remains highly uneven throughout the world. And solar energy solutions are not necessarily widespread where they could have the greatest impact.

With this in mind, Urban Product’s “Energise Cameroon” project has created a framework enabling everyone to contribute to the realization of these diaspora projects. Urban Product defends the idea of “Fair Energy”, a practical application of the “leave no one behind” principle to the transition to renewable energies.

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Give Fair Energy

Together, diasporas and other Europeans, let’s create a source of green energy, a catalyst for socio-economic impact in Cameroon and a source of better cohabitation here.

Your donation will contribute to local community projects initiated by the European Cameroonian diaspora. Fair Energy contributes a maximum of 50%, with the project owners financing the remainder. 

UP! Energise : our model

The situation

Remittances, or money sent by the diaspora to their families back home, is an important topic. In 2019, 400 million euros were sent in the form of formal transfers from Belgium. The World Bank estimates that this figure can be at least doubled if less formal money transfers are taken into account.

Almost all of this money is used for consumption in the family lives of their relatives. This means that the diaspora is obliged to continue sending money on a regular basis, without any structural result. This does not lead to sustainable situations, either for the diaspora or for their family members.

Using this money channel to make tangible investments could enable parents to reduce some of their day-to-day costs, or generate more income if they run a business or agricultural activity. In this way, greater autonomy can be achieved and financial comfort created for both parties.


What’s the link between Urban Product and Solarly ?

Urban Product acts as a bridge between African companies, particularly Solarly, and the European diaspora. By acting as a front office, we simplify and bring together these two entities, thereby facilitating investment. The essential aim is to create a direct link and short circuit between the diaspora and services in Africa, with a particular emphasis on the reliability and simplicity of investments.

What advantages does Urban Product offer for a solar energy project ?

We offer a three-stage service

We offer a free quotation to assess your solar energy needs and, if necessary, a visit by one of our staff on site to evaluate the project.

Based on the quote, we work with you to consider the best way to finance the project, whether through crowdfunding or your own investment, our aim is to find the solution best suited to your needs.

We guarantee fast installation, within 15 days of project approval, and after-sales service, giving you long-term peace of mind.

What options are available in Energise Cameroon offers ?

We offer distinct options, depending on the nature of the use

Professional use : An option specially designed to meet the energy needs of businesses, offering a solution tailored to professional requirements.

Domestic use : Choose between a standard 150 Wp kit or a premium 300 Wp kit, tailored to your household’s specific energy needs.

Community use : This option is designed for community-scale projects, providing an efficient energy solution to meet collective needs, such as energy installations for schools, clinics, places of worship, etc.

In all cases, we start by analyzing your needs, and then propose the most appropriate solution.

They support us and collaborate with us

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