UP! Lokal in 2023, it is …

UP! Lokal in 2023, it is …

The start of a new adventure that’s just beginning

UP! Lokal en 2023 is two old friends, full of ideas and ambition.

UP! Lokal in 2023 is the introduction of organic products in the Cureghem district of Anderlecht, thanks to two UP! grocers who have decided to embark on this crazy adventure with us and place their trust in us.

UP! Lokal in 2023 means more than 1.2 tons of unsold vegetables recovered and transformed into meals thanks to our UP! recycler: Cosmos.

UP! Lokal en 2023 is our first subscriber to our fruit/vegetable baskets.

UP! Lokal in 2023 is more than 50 consumers seduced by the UP! Lokal initiative, right in the Cureghem district.

UP! Lokal en 2023 is a collaboration with two Brussels artists to create our customized displays.

UP! Lokal in 2023 is also a young ASBL that has been able to adapt to the first obstacles encountered, notably with our first UP! grocer who decided to hand over his business.

Finally, UP! Lokal in 2023 is the recognition of the innovation and importance of its initiative by the Brussels region, with the award of the Be Circular – Be Brussels grant, to help with its development.

UP! Lokal has had a wonderful 2023, but is ready to discover what 2024 has in store.

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