Growfunding campagne – Ferme du Nyong

Fair energy to ferme Nyong

Contribute to the local autonomy of the cooperative eco-farm in Nyong (Cameroon). Fair Energy unites the efforts of the diaspora and other Belgians for stable, green electricity, a lever for socio-economic impact over there and better cohabitation here.

Founded 8 years ago by Mr. Elvis Beko, a member of the Cameroonian diaspora from Brussels, the farm is an agroecological cooperative that contributes to the food security of local communities. The NYONG farm doesn’t want to stop there, but the lack of access to electricity is an obstacle. It would therefore like to equip itself with a solar energy production unit to better preserve the production and processing of certain products (e.g. cassava flour). Electrifying the water pump will help the villagers around the farm and provide a reliable source of water for the livestock business (poultry, pigs, etc.).

The diaspora is the world’s largest philanthropist. Remittances amount to $590 billion a year, or 15% of their income. These silent giants of giving give more to families and communities than any other international aid.” (Says Kevin L. Brown, ceo Mighty Ally on linked’in)

In Belgium, Cameroonians are, after Moroccans and DR Congolese, the 3rd largest African diaspora. “Energise Cameroon” is the first Fair energy territory, enabling Belgians to support and learn more about the projects their neighbors and colleagues of Cameroonian origin are undertaking in silence.

Urban Product asbl was created to incubate and strengthen initiatives aimed at redistributing sustainable solutions in order to improve their social impact. The technical study, installation and after-sales service will be provided by the Belgo-Cameroonian company Solarly.

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