UP! Energise in 2023: The big toe in Cameroon’s water.

UP! Energise in 2023 is the first launch of a green and reliable investment proposal for the diasporas. This first “Energise Cameroon” exercise was launched with the Belgian-Cameroonian company Solarly.

UP! Energise in 2023 is the launch of “Energise Cameroon”, supported for 18 months by the Business Partnership Facility managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. With a kick-off evening on 14 March ’23.

UP! Energise in 2023 means participation in 12 diaspora events. And inclusion as a member of the “vitrine Africaine” and “CCIC”, Chambre de Commerce et d’Investissement du Cameroun en Europe” networks.

UP! Energise in 2023 means 101 contacts from the diaspora met and recorded, including 28 concrete prospects.

UP! Energise in 2023 means 59 contacts (intermediaries)  met and recorded. 

UP! Energise in 2023 is the secondment of Sandra Cocho, Solarly Yaoundé collaborator part-time on “Energise Cameroon” for studies and monitoring of installations. And 2 interns from ICHEC (thanks Pierre Chanel and Francisco!) for 3 months.

UP! Energise in 2023 is a first “Fair Energy” achievement with fundraising from the diaspora by “Dynamische Kameroense Vrouwen Oostende”, other Belgians by Urban Product and Provincie West-Vlaanderen for the “Œil de l’avenir” school in Yaoundé.

UP! Energise in 2023 is “Provincie Antwerpen global research” award winning dissertation Hannah Downes « ‘Energise Cameroon’: A new avenue for green remittances? The migration-development nexus in practice: A Stakeholder Analysis.”, U Antwerpen, Advanced master of Globalisation and Development, Supervisor Prof. dr. George Mavrotas.

UP! Energise in 2023 first Diaspora economics exchange evening, on 9 November, with a presentation of the dissertation by Hannah Downes.

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