UP! Lokal, the basket offer is now in place.

During the first quarter, Up! Lokal has completely overhauled its communication strategy, which has led to an increase in demand for subscription baskets in the Cureghem district.

In fact, we have set up actions on the ground, including the distribution of flyers in the Cureghem district and the organization of stands in front of our UP! grocers, which we will continue to do during this second quarter of 2024. Organizing these stands has enabled us to meet local residents, introduce them to UP! Lokal and, at the same time, to let them taste the “Fruit Collect” range of fruit juices sold at our UP! grocers. In addition, we’ve also decided to put more emphasis on our digital marketing, by creating a Facebook page and an Instagram page on which we share the progress of the project, and more specifically, that of the subscription baskets. UP! Lokal was featured in the March 2024 edition of Anderlecht’s municipal magazine, giving us a little extra visibility with local residents. All this enabled us to increase our basket subscription from 1 to 6 customers.

From now on, you can find our baskets on our website and choose to have them delivered to one of our UP! grocers, including our new UP! grocer on Avenue Clémenceau 114. Indeed, we’ve managed to expand our network of grocers in the Cureghem district, which you can find on our website. This new grocer, specializing in fruit, vegetables and meat, offers, like our other UP! partners, vegetables from the Montaval farm, the Belgian fruit range, and you can also order subscription baskets, delivered directly to his home.

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